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The xD.lol – Project

Our Mission is to defend the smile.




Any Life




Must live.

The current controller of xD.lol does things like the following:

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I work on revocering the page that was thought for release but lack time, hence please don’t base assumptions or impressions on this version.

xD and lol are common expressions in digital communications and for me they reflect one very important aspect of life: no smile is like the other. But between every smile, no matter how distant and different they are – there can be a connection. A smile is never alone and can always be connected through the dot in between, the word ‘smile’, or a new way of reaching out to people. We refer to this way as the the xD.lol – agenda: The attempt to allow any being on earth an email account with their name @xD.lol. The words may be empty for some – and its not intended to digitalize beings in a harmful way. We have a globalized world and except those who remain in their natural environment, at peace with their natural future – we depend on digital infrastructure to communicate emergencies, needs, questions, food and education. Without communication we cannot build infrastructure – and hence xD.lol wants to provide everyone on earth with a way to connect to the virtual world.

Lets understand xD.lol as itself: A logical tautology (an always true statement) that there is no smile like any other smile on earth and that all our digital systems must take into account the complexity of human soul and reality. Because every smile takes place in a very specific time, our job as xD.lol is reconfigure all harmful and destructive system dynamics in human world with a proto-smile. A smile not smiled yet, but one waiting to unfold as it was consciously designed from the very bottom up.

With xD.lol we want to fight the time in which there was nothing to connect one smile to another. As the Answer to everything is 4 2 – which reads ‘four two’ (and not forty two) – the respective question is: For how many beings is the answer to all questions useful?

It is for two: You and Me. It is always one You and one Me that can form the concept of ‘We’. As no life can exist on its own and no life should ever be represented by a zero there can always be two smiles aware of each other. We must just allow one dot in-between them and a little bit of conceptual understanding around it. Humans look for ones and attack zeros and try to remodel their value systems for consistency. To achieve internal as well as inter-individual appropriate strategies how to let culture grow, we must put the dualistic default perspective behind us. Complex interactions as well as particle physics can never be reduced to either right or wrong. Uncertainty, Completeness and wave oppose particle, correctness and value. Though human ability to communicate symbols has advanced through technology, we remain in a state of fragmentation of our intentional drives. A responsible and self-aware communication of human culture with itself is lacking and time of smile has taken damage from human globalization.

We want to see und use xD.lol as the antiweapon – a weapon that fights weapons until its core of hope will only remain. It will last with temporal invariance due to foundational physics of applied empathy.

The best proof we can find for humanities ability to change reality is the concept of dreaming. Dream is the future of logic, fantasy and you. And with multi-directional associations and just a few developmental capacities, any dream can grow arbitrarily close to reality now that we reach the future 2020.



The xD.lol – Paradigma

Our Connector is Hope.









The current controller of xD.lol does also things like the following:

Dream Engine

We dissociate dreams and media on this page. Their dissociation makes them appear like bad music, bad quality images and bad wording textual artifacts. The future project-Nonprofit-company ‘xeo Dream Design’ will be a hub for artists and dreamer and those who lost their dreams. We want to build a new free world in which wishes are more important then money. We want to fix the human economy to become more humane and life-friendly. We have a complex plan how to achieve this and need support to realize it. The masterplan is hence our primary dream and we want to push the zero.build as a starting point for self-aware future human culture to restart their organization. We use a lot of sci-fu, a dream genre invented by our inventor. Sci-fu is science-functional media between science fiction and science faction. Its produced in the intention to enable a consistent connection of content through its self-actualization that takes into account efficiency, usability and necessity of itself (information). Sci-Fu can be art which can be self-actualizing through literature or learning interfaces that are self-optimizing through learning algorithms and can hence stay informative and educational (and hence data efficient).

how to save the world?

its simple. we cheat. (aware and transparent)

Instead of saving the world lets first attempt to save the word. I saved most of the word ‘neutral’ – which means I ‘own’ a lot of the domains with neutral.something. I own a lot other domains for future systems because I have a lot of Ideas that could easily morph into or be used as layouts for prototypes, theories, movements or startups. My sole intention is to optimize humanities world saving ability. I want to save the word neutral because then we can start to save the word ‘future’ and it is identical to world saving. I propose several paradigm such as the literal internet which is an attempt to guarantee that the content found under domain names translates to their literal meaning. Universal.Help for example is supposed to allow easy and fast access to support and resources of any kind that can help a human.

That’s unspecific.. But

As humans lack a file-type for dreams I want to develop the datatype *.dream. A dream file will consist of audio, visual, haptic and conceptual information. It will be usable by anyone independent of physical or psychological limitations, maintaining consistent inclusion independent of content. To guarantee this I propose to start the Neurogame World and set it fix linked to peacekeeping.company. The Neurogame world can / will be a hub that connects development of games, meditation apps, awareness augmentation, coping-support and virtual- as well as personal-assistance. The software architecture for this IDE will be developed at Dream.Design. It is, just as xD.lol only an idea at the current present. I look at myself as a Dream.Engineer and I ask for culture (you) to support my work on all the domains which will be shown at interlink.life mid 2020.

For what is the minimal life / smile? It is for two. As no life is alone and no life is a zero to reality.

Let’s dream the future

xD.lol is supposed to be non- possess-able. It is owned by xeo, but they will release it when culture.stream, zero.build and interlink.life are running or have more advanced versions and names for their intention.

A very distant dream that shows how distant we had to dream in order for our time-lines to converge and build the first portals to other worlds – and yes that’s how we will have gotten here before.

let’s build a dream!

Everything on all my domains and any music and art undergoes development and is incomplete and partially weird/confusing. All content is licensed under CC-BY-NC 4.0 at the moment, please refer to the main page which explains all (thinkularity.com) or contact via spacetimebird.com

I made music as my thoughts are too large for symbolic expression. I develop languages as my expressions strive for aesthetics. The words and colors I base my life on serve lifianism. My primary intention is to spread hope and ideas how humans can build a future for life on earth. My approach to achieve this is through optimization of association between good intentions and life-friendly operations.

I want to work for the future of life. I propose how I can do this on dream.engineer and future.engineer.

I would be very grateful for any kind of support.

Spacetimebird, 07.05.2020 Funding possible via xeo.agency

by spacetimebird.com